An Anaheim Escort Story: Christening My New Bed

So what a week it’s been! Change, change and more change. I don’t mean of the money type, I mean of my life in general. I think sometimes people don’t realize that escorts have a “normal” side to their life, just like everyone else. Bills, taxes, finding a new apartment, and on and on.

It’s always exciting moving to a new place and working out the furniture, space and most importantly the bed! My new pad in Anaheim (in Orange County, California) is so immaculately clean when I walk in, I am scared to put anything down.

So, some flowers, candles and music (on this occasion something pretty high-energy to get me moving) I set about making my new pier de tier feel like home. I have an escort client coming in an hour or so and want to make the right impression as I have told him we are to “christen the bed together!”

Anaheim Apartment

I am excited at the prospect of seeing him again and after what has been nothing but constant change, moving and upheaval. I am looking forward to the sight of a familiar face and a familiar man! So on with the preparations as I get myself into the mood before my guest arrives. I shower first. Guess what? My shower actually works! There’s a first! A good start and then I do my hair and make up and just as my earrings are in, he arrives. Orange County is a fairly exclusive area, so when a man pays to be with an Anaheim escort he expects for the escort, and the surroundings, to be nice.

One wet, (there’s that rain again!) cold and tired looking guy from Orange County. His rain coat looks like it could just remove itself and I wonder if my new pad is to his liking. “Oooooh he says, this is perfect” (thank god, sigh of relief!) I offer him a drink and he asks for water. Water? Really? “Oh some wine would be great” he says, changing his mind (no twisted arm, I promise). “After all, we are toasting your new place and this calls for a celebration!”

So, relaxed and warmer he showers (it’s hot, good pressure and working!) we adjourn to the bedroom and we try out my new bed. It’s firm. Good, ideal for fun. No good bouncing around with no leverage and the wall I worried about on one side has suddenly found a new meaning as I can now put my leg behind my shoulder and keep it there with my foot on the wall which my guest finds quite amusing! Hey, it’s working for me. Even the pillows found a new place under my derrière during a intense time. The deed is done, the bed has been broken in so to speak and now I can relax knowing that all is in good working order.

Do I miss my old place? Yes. It is full of wonderful memories but at least now I have a place to build new memories and fun encounters hopefully with my lovely men from the past as well as those I hope to meet in the future!

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